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Why Organic?

We source as much produce from the local surrounding areas as possible apart from the obvious ones. The ones we can we guarantee they have not travelled far. Eating only organic fruits and vegetables is a good way to be sure you are getting the nourishment you need without the hazards of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides. Organic foods are grown with no poisons and chemicals. They are natural foods that have been grown with more conscious care for the health of the soil, the plants and the people who will eat them.

“The greatest wealth is health” Virgil

You might think that organic fruit and veg can be a bit expensive but it is not that more expensive than the conventional products you will find in your local supermarket. Eating these products that contain pesticides and insecticides can cost a lot more than just the price tag as it can affect health and well being as the accumulation of too many of these chemicals in the body can cause sickness and illnesses. This is why we recommend to change now instead of paying in the long run.

“You are what you eat” said in 1826 by Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Most people like to keep healthy, eat right and are conscious of what they are putting into their bodies. Fruits and Vegetables are key components of an ideal healthy diet. Organic fruits and vegetables are a better choice as they are much higher in nutrient content than conventional ones. The food keeps fresh for longer because organically grown plants are nourished naturally, rendering the structural and metabolic integrity of their cellular structure superior to those conventionally grown. As a result, organically grown foods can be stored longer and do not have the rapid mould and rotting agents of normal produce.


Organic gardens do not release harmful non-natural pesticides or herbicides into the environment. This has been proven to be very helpful in maintaining the ecosystems of our planet. This is not the case in the methods of using the chemical pesticides we see in intensive farming as farmers are trying to get quick and maximum results from their crops.

People have researched and studied that this uncontrollable use of these dangerous unnatural methods that are used day to day have led to the extinction of different animals, birds, insects and plants besides depleting the soil of its fertile quality.

Disadvantage has often been linked with organic methods of farming as it brings lesser and slower yield but the results of organic farming done the right way can have fresher and tastier results with fruit and vegetables that are enjoyable to eat whilst treating the environment with the respect it deserves.