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MyVegBox Background

MyVegBox is a local based company run by two friends that have lived in the Bournemouth area for more than 12 years. We recognised that people like to keep healthy by eating good and fresh food. The way to do this is to eat the right fruit and vegetables from the right places grown the ONLY way they should be. We think your produce should be free of fertilizers, pesticides or artificial ingredients which are not overly processed and does not contain any genetically modified ingredients.

In our experience on trips to the supermarket we thought the fruit and veg sometimes looked a bit picked over, tampered with and even bruised. We felt that we did not want to eat something that another person has played with and that was not organic. So with a good idea and a bit of research we thought why not give the public the chance to taste some of organic produce straight from the farm that you are not usually able to find at your local store or supermarket.

We love to eat our fruit and vegetables at Myvegbox and organic should be the only standard that we recognise today. This is something that we are trying to promote in organic delivery direct to your doorstep “thought we’d get our slogan in there”.

We understand that you as the customer are always right and any complaints or other queries we are happy to deal with them personally and resolve anything as quickly as possible.  Our main aim is to keep you and your families healthy by tasting some of the fruits our earth has to offer in their natural state.

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